2013 Wrap

It’s been a very quiet year on the writing front, with the decline in freelance jobs really hitting across the board. Combine that with my day job and I don’t feel I’ve done a lot.

That said, I’ve had some pleasing progress on the fiction front. I have a novel outline mostly complete and some initial writing undertaken as well. It’s slower going on my graphic novel script but it’s still slowly progressing.

Here’s hoping 2014 is a more productive one from a writing viewpoint, and I hope it’s a great one for you.

Oz Comic-Con for Bleeding Cool

Had a great weekend in Melbourne – covered the inaugural Oz Comic-Con for the very influential comics website Bleeding Cool. The Convention itself turned out to have some organisational issues but I’m hopeful they’ll do better second time around. I’ll be writing a follow-up piece for Bleeding Cool on the handful of Aussie publishers/writers/artists/podcasters I managed to meet.

It’s great to be writing about an area I’ve loved since childhood and hopefully I’ll be doing some more in this area.



SWTOR the dominant and a Stan Lee interlude

The past three months’ writing efforts have been focused on keeping TOROZ running smoothly. PhD studies have also rightfully claimed a big chunk of time.

My next commissioned writing gig is a piece for Bleeding Cool Comics on Oz Comic Con. I’ll also be spending a short period of time with Stan Lee  (fan-purchased time, not media time) to have a photo taken and have a comic autographed –  doesn’t get much better than that.